August 7, 2015

CrossFit By The Sea – CrossFit

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Take 15 Minutes to Complete:

3 Rounds of:

1 Rope Climb

-Choose scale for today’s WOD and practice.

5 Dips

-Weighted, Strict, Kipping, Paralettes


Metcon (Time)

In Teams of Three Complete the Following:

Four Rounds for Time:

10 Bench Press – Each (135/95)

400 Meter Run – Together

2 Rope Climbs – Each



Bench (185/135)

Legless Rope Climbs



1. Only one bar may be used – weights can be changes by teams between sets.

2. Partner A must complete all 10 Reps before partner B can attempt his/her 10 reps and so on for partner C.

3. Run together.

4. Everybody must complete 2 rope climbs in any order – but may not occupy more than 1 rope at a time.

5. Time Cap – 30 Minutes

Competition Side Work

Sled Push (Max Effort 5 Minutes)

Men @ 140#

Women @ 90#


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